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International Cooperations Major


Our department aims to foster talents who can lead the development of the aviation industry and the global era. To lead the global era, students can freely use English, Chinese, and Japanese, which are the world's three major languages, and further understand the values and culture of the people of the countries using the language in depth through the learning process of the language. Based on this, it is intended to foster professionals with language and international cooperation skills who can lead and deepen cooperation between individuals or institutions in each country or all international cooperation.

The Educational Goal

  • Pursuit of nurturing young talents with a balanced perspective.

  • To broaden the understanding of Korean society based on the study of Korean society by foreign students.

  • The ultimate educational goal is to help young talents advance into the international community, acquire practical knowledge related to international exchange, and contribute to the world through a network with foreign students.

Program for International Cooperations Major
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