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School of Aeronautical Science


In 2011 HanSeo Universitybecame the first university in Korea to be certified as a university that trains professionals for specialized industries by the Korea University Evaluation Institute. HanSeo now strives to become the best specialized university.

The high quality of HanSeo’s aviation programs attract Korean domestic students, international students, students with other undergraduate qualifications and students transferring from other programs at HanSeo as well as other Korean universities. In addition, the Flight Education Centre caters for the general public by providing education that prepares them for their application for a private pilot’s license.

In a world first, the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia (CAAM) accredited 4 of HanSeo University's aviation departments for the Mongolian jurisdiction in 2017 (Flight Operation, Air Transportation & Logistics, Aeronautical Engineering & Maintenance, and Air Tourism & Services). CAAM recognized the high quality of education provided in these programs and the support provided by the Flight Education Center, the Air Traffic Control Education Center, the Aircraft Technology Education Center, as well as the state-of-the-art educational facilities, and the University’s outstanding infrastructure (airfield and control tower, hangars, maintenance facilities and engineering buildings, and more than 50 fixed wing and rotary wing training aircraft). In addition, CAAM recognized that all HanSeo’s aviation programs are conducted by highly qualified, experienced, and awarded faculty and staff.

The School of Aeronautical Science is in the process of seeking accreditation for three of its Bachelor of Science programs by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI): Flight Operation, Helicopter Operation, and Air Transportation and Logistics (Air Traffic Control). The process is well under way with candidature status now granted for all three programs.

The School of Aeronautical Science offers programs that lead to the following qualifications.

School of Aeronautical Science
  • Manager.


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  • Application.

The Educational Goal

  • To cultivate aviation experts who are recognized as world leaders in their aviation specialty