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Graduate School

Affiliation Department Master Doctorate Integrated MSc and PhD Department Contact
Humanities and Social Sciences International Trade and Business O X X 041-671-6278
Elderly Welfare O O X 041-660-1098
Korean-Chinese Language and Culture O O O 041-660-1620
Child-Adolescent Counseling Psychology O O X 041-660-1098
Aviation Tourism O X X 041-660-1560
Public Administration O O X 041-660-1280
Natural and Applied Sciences Physical Therapy O O X 041-660-1390
Radiological Science O X X 041-660-1058
Occupational Therapy O X X 041-660-1395
Dental Hygiene O X X 041-660-1579
Flight Operation and Management O O X 041-671-6248
Art psychotherapy O X X 041-660-1580
Industrial Safety and Health O O X 041-660-1098
Department of Marine Bio and Medical Sciences O O X 041-660-1540
Engineering Advanced Materials Science & Engineering X O X 041-660-1359
Civil Engineering O X X 041-660-1440
Chemical Engineering O X X 041-660-1359
Environmental Engineering O O O 041-660-1440
Art and Physics Beauty Science O O O 041-660-1590
Physical Education O O O 041-660-1542
Joint degree
Humanities and Social Sciences Lifelong Education O O O 041-660-1098
Cultural Properties X O X 041-660-1090
Natural and Applied Sciences Healthcare X O X 041-660-1058
Rehabilitation Science O O X 041-660-1580
Engineering Construction Engineering X O X 041-660-1440
Aeronautical System Engineering O O X 041-671-6285
Arts Convergence Design X O X 041-660-1490