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Department of Biofood Science


The Department of Biofood Science educates basic subjects of life science that study and clarify the fundamental principles of the phenomena of life, thereby cultivating understanding and the ability to apply the principles of life science to the concept of biofield.
By educating advanced major subjects such as biopharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine, human genome, and microbiome genome and their application to the prevention and treatment of diseases, professional knowledge required to participate in the Red Biotechnology (health and medical bio) industry is cultivated.
By educating the basic and major subjects of food science, it cultivates the theoretical and practical ability to participate in the Green Biotechnology (food) industry, which researches and develops functional foods, special medical foods, and foods that emphasize health and functional roles.
In addition, professional education, and practice on securing, informatization, and management of biological resources, which are the core of the bio industry, are conducted to foster the ability to secure and utilize high value-added biological research resources and integrated management.

The Educational Goal

  • To nurture the convergent practical talents required to engage in the bio-industry.

  • To produce experts in research and education for the biomedical science and life food science.

  • To foster the creative talents a graduate requires to participate in biopharmaceutical research & development.

  • To foster the creative talents a graduate requires to participate in research and development of high value-added functional foods and special medical foods.

  • To produce graduates who can contribute to the health and happiness of mankind by through the bio-industry.

Department of Biofood Science
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