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Department of Helicopter Operations

Mission Statement

The mission of the Helicopter Operations department is to become a world leader in helicopter pilot education and to produce helicopter pilots who are recognized and highly regarded throughout the world.

Educational Goals

  • To produce helicopter pilots eligible for private pilot certification who have the knowledge, skillset, and creative capability to meet the rapidly developing aviation industry and adapt to changes in its operating environment.

  • To instill and foster the need for lifelong learning through exposure to innovative aviation practices and leading-edge technology in artificial intelligence applications.

  • To broaden the graduate’s scope for understanding and appreciation of the aviation industry.

  • To broaden the graduate’s scope for understanding and appreciation of the liberal arts and humanities, environmental sciences, and global issues.

Comprehensive Assessment Plan

A comprehensive assessment plan is written and implemented by the School of Aeronautical Science faculty and staff to meet requirements set forth by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI) and HanSeo University. Systematic direct and indirect assessment tools enable continuous improvement in meeting program educational goals, student learning outcomes, curriculum mapping, measurement methodology, results reporting, and action plan development as well as informing further assessment plan development.

The assessment plan for 2023 has confirmed that we are meeting our program educational goals. Despite this, it also includes recommendations and acknowledges planned changes which will help us as we strive to become a global leader in aviation & aeronautics.

Department of Flight Operation
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