Hanseo University LINC 3.0 Project Group participates in CES 2023 with…
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Hanseo University LINC 3.0 Project Group participates in CES 2023 with family companies

Operating 16 booths, publicizing excellence in achievements to the world

Hanseo University's LINC 3.0 Project Group participated in 'CES 2023', the world's largest IT consumer electronics exhibition in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8. It included family companies and informed the world of the excellence of our university's industry and cooperation achievements.

Hanseo University installed 16 stand-alone booths, the largest number among domestic universities at The Venetian Expo Hall G EUREKA PARK. Hanseo exhibited the award-winning products of 5 family companies that won the CES 2023 Innovation awards while exhibiting globally supported marketing and visitor consultation. “Say-Air” (an artificial intelligence-equipped drone that identifies and provides real-time video of safety management in public places), a startup product of our university student Kim Young-Joon, was also exhibited at the booth to explore global expansion. In addition, LINC 3.0 supporters participated in each exhibition booth to provide guidance and interpretation for on-site visitors. These student supporters, who were selected through a strict screening process, received about two months of self-training, including TOEIC ability, to strengthen their on-site application skills.

Meanwhile, our university participated in the LINC project promoted by the Ministry of Education and the National Research Foundation of Korea in 2017. It is the only domestic university to receive the CES Innovation Awards for four consecutive years. The American Consumer Technology Association (CTA) awards the CES Innovation Award to the most technologically innovative, creative, and efficient products, among the products exhibited at CES every year. Our university and family businesses have received 18 CES innovation awards, including 1 in 2020, 3 in 2021, 9 in 2022, and 5 in 2023 through industry-academia cooperation. The list and products of the LINC 3.0 Business Group family that received the Innovation Award at CES 2023 are as follows:

■ The product of “TomatoCrew Co., Ltd./HANSEO UNIVERSITY:
“Pebble-M Noninvasive Glucose & Vital Signs Monitor”

■ The product of SM Doctor Co., Ltd./HANSEO UNIVERSITY:
"Air Sterilization Lamp: Medi Lamp"

■ The product of CREAMO Co., Ltd./HANSEO UNIVERSITY:
“ADDIPlus Emotional Sympathy Training Kit for ASD”

■ The product of KLeon Co., Ltd./HANSEO UNIVERSITY:
”Kling (multilingual automatic dubbing solution service with the voice of the person in the video”)

■The product of  Bioxonics Co., Ltd./HANSEO UNIVERSITY:
“Diagnosis System for Alzheimer's Disease (a product that determines Alzheimer’s dementia with over 90% accuracy and provides information)”

In particular, KLeon Co., Ltd. and CREAMO Co., Ltd. won the CES Innovation Award for two consecutive years.


President Ham Gi-seon, who visited the Las Vegas exhibition site to support the global marketing of CES innovation award-winning companies, said, “We will continue to actively support the innovation award-winning family companies so that they can grow into world-class companies.” Based on aviation, airport industry, and design, he said, "We will do our best to nurture professional talent and support companies in future new technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles and urban air transportation (UAM)." 0b510b13a5e00349095132312a6a8dd1_1674047104_1981.jpeg



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