Minister of Environment, Fine dust aerial observation by Hanseo Univer…
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Minister of Environment,

Fine dust aerial observation by Hanseo University aircraft

Overseas inflow monitoring, domestic emission source impact investigation, etc. Inspection of operation status


On the afternoon of December 9, Minister of Environment Han Hwa-jin visited Hanseo University's Taean airfield, boarded an aircraft, and conducted a fine dust observation flight around the west coast.


On this day, Minister Han inspected the operational status of the detailed plan for “strengthening fine dust observation (air observation)” during the seasonal management system period (from December to March 2022). After hearing an explanation of aviation observation by researcher Park Jin-soo of the National Institute of Environmental Research and a description of the observation aircraft by Kim Jong-ho, professor of environmental engineering at Hanseo University, Minister Han boarded a Beechcraft 1900D (19-seater) aircraft equipped with observation equipment, along with three members of the Climate and Atmospheric Research Department. The flight was conducted for about an hour to observe emission sources such as the Daesan Petroleum Complex, Dangjin Thermal Power Plant, the Dangjin Iron and Steel Complex, and the sky over the west coast.


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