The First Aviation Industry Development Forum
작성자 최고관리자

The First Aviation Industry Development Forum hosted jointly by Hanseo University, Korea


Transport Institute, and Incheon International Airport Corporation, with more than 100 of executives and high-ranking officials of the hosting organizations, airlines, aviation-related associations, as well as Aviation AMP program (offered by Hanseo University and Korea Transport Institute) students in attendance, was held on May 11 at Namsan Hall in Seoul’s Pacific Hotel. The first part of the event, hosted by Prof. So Dae-seop of Hanseo’s Department of Aviation Security, was started by opening remarks by Korea Transport Institute President Oh Jae-hak, a welcome speech by Hanseo President Dr. Ham Ki-sun, Incheon International Airport Corporation Vice President Lee Hee-jeong, and a keynote speech by Kim Yong-seok, senior manager of aviation policy with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, under the title of “Strategy for Promoting Aviation Policy for Korea’s Leap Forward.” In the second part of the event, a forum was held under the title “Prospect for Recovery in the Aviation Industry and Our Response” where three presentations were made (“Incheon International Airport’s Response Strategy,” Kim Beom-ho, General Manager, IIAC; “Korean Airlines’ Response Strategy,” Choi Doo-hwan, Korean Air Executive Director; and “Jeju Air’s Response Strategy,” Song Kyung-hoon, HQ Head). In the panel discussion, presided over by Prof. Choi Yeon-cheol of Hanseo University's School of Aeronautics Studies, three presenters and five discussants including Kim Hong-rak (Director of Aviation Policy, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport), Park Jin-seo (HQ Head of Korea Transport Institute), and Byun Jong-guk (Journalist, Dong-A Ilbo) took part in the discussion.


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