LINC+ Project Group Takes Part in CES 2022 Jointly with Family Firms
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LINC+ Project Group Takes Part in CES 2022 Jointly with Family Firms 

Runs 10 Booths in Eureka Park within University Innovation Area

Hanseo University family companies that have promoted industry-academia cooperation with the LINC+ Project Group participated in CES 2022, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show held from January 5 to 7 in Las Vegas.

The location of our university's exhibition hall was the Venetian Expo and Hall G Eureka Park within the University Innovation area. In this location, ten booths run exclusively by our university were set up, including nine CES 2022 Innovation Awardswinning item display booths and the one supporting these companies' global marketing and buyer consultation.

Our university has participated in CES for four consecutive years since 2018 with support from the Ministry of Education and the Office of IndustryAcademia Cooperation at the National Research Foundation of Korea. Hanseo has been the only university in Korea to win the CES Innovation Award for three years in a row. At CES 2022, held offline for the first time in two years, eight Hanseo family firms received nine innovation awards, so participating in the trade show was more meaningful than ever for our university.

The companies that receive the CES 2022 Innovation Award through industry-academia cooperation with our university include: WithUs: Noncontact self-generator, awarded for three consecutive years (measurement of power generation and GHG reduction effect through an app); Hills Engineering: AI-based selfdriving disinfection and guidance robot awarded for two consecutive years; CloverStudio: 4D AI drone control platform that won the award for two years in a row; Cleon: Original language dubbing solution and creative video production; Crimo: Block play and algorithm training integration; BPM: New wearable audio device using a sports headband; YBrain: Micro electro-medical device applied with non-invasive trigeminal nerve stimulation technology; and Davio: AI technology solutions and platforms based on satellite aerial images.
The innovation award-winning items of family companies taking part in CES 2022 received a lot of attention from buyers and media from across the world. For example, Hills Engineering, which received the Innovation Award for two straight years, signed agreements with UBTECH Robotics, a unicorn robot company, and Dream VU, a Silicon Valley state-of-the-art LiDAR technology company. In addition, it received proposals for joint R&D from companies in the United States, France, the UAE, and Israel that showed keen interest in AI-based self-driving robot platforms.

WithUs, which won the Innovation Award for three consecutive years, received a proposal to develop a mini non-contact hydroelectric power plant from a French company, and also received offers from Germany, Italy, and Japan to move into their own markets and jointly develop new R&D products. President Dr. Ham Ki-sun, who visited the Las Vegas exhibition venue in support of the global marketing of companies that received the CES Innovation Award, expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of Education and the National Research Foundation for supporting these achievements, and said, "With the success of industry-academia collaboration cases, we plan to actively support the family firms that received the Innovation Award to grow into global companies."




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